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Ray Dalio: An Authority at the GEF

Explore how Gaugecash embodies Ray Dalio’s vision for the ideal digital coin—addressing inflation and volatility through innovative, decentralized technology. Ready for free at


What is the Greenwich Economic Forum?

The Greenwich Economic Forum (GEF) stands as a premier annual investment conference that convenes some of the brightest minds and influential leaders in the world of finance, economics, media, and business. Held in beautiful waterfront settings from Greenwich CT to Miami to Hong Kong, these forums serve as a nexus for thought-provoking discussions, insightful presentations, and high-level networking.


Greenwich Economic Forum - Hong Kong 2024

Hongkong GEF forum pictures

Michael Spence

Economist & Nobel Laureate, Stanford University

Hongkong GEF forum pictures

Manuel Blanco

Founder & CEO,

Greenwich Economic Forum - Hong Kong 2024

Julia Leung


JULIA LEUNG, Chief Executive, Securities and Futures Commission

Greenwich Economic Forum - Hong Kong 2024

Eddie Yue

Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

Wilfred Yiu

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, HKEX.

Next stop, Greenwich October 8 & 9, 2024

Ray Dalio

Founder, CIO Mentor and Member of the Board, Bridgewater Associates

Michael Spence

Economist & Nobel Laureate, Stanford University

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Roadmap 2024 - 2026

Our initiative is not merely about introducing another financial service but about reshaping the fabric of global currency dynamics. For the first time in history, Gaugecash is strategically positioned to challenge the hegemony of established reserve currencies like the USD and EUR. This robust and secure monetary framework offers users and investors from every corner of the world the unprecedented opportunity to be part of what might become the most substantial venture in modern financial history.

The plan is focused on global branding, strategic market penetration, robust technology infrastructure, and regulatory alignment, ensuring GAUGECASH is positioned as a reliable and advantageous option for users worldwide.

Total Budget Allocation: Approximately $23,000,000 - $32,500,000

Global Regulatory Alignment and Advocacy - $3,000,000 - $4,000,000

  • In our pursuit to position GAUGECASH as a globally recognized alternative to fiat currencies and establish GAUGECASH as a potential global reserve currency alongside the EUR and USD, we have strategically initiated the process of securing licenses with leading regulatory authorities such as the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) in Dubai and the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). These regulators are not just leaders within the UAE but are also acclaimed worldwide for their innovative and forward-thinking approaches to decentralized finance regulation.
  • Our engagement with VARA and ADGM is pivotal, serving as the cornerstone of our global strategy. By aligning with such advanced regulatory frameworks, GAUGECASH is set to gain legitimacy and a competitive edge that will catalyze its adoption from the UAE to global markets. This move not only enhances our credibility but also positions us as a trailblazer in the financial sector, leveraging these partnerships to influence and set trends for decentralized finance regulation worldwide.
  • We continue to advocate for policies and frameworks that not only facilitate the widespread adoption of GAUGECASH but also build on our initial engagements with these key regulatory entities, setting the stage for GAUGECASH to shape global financial operations.

Comprehensive Global Branding and Positioning - $4,000,000 - $5,000,000

  • Launch an extensive global branding campaign positioning GAUGECASH as a superior alternative to fiat currencies, emphasizing its stability and reliability.
  • Highlight how GAUGECASH addresses issues like inflation and geopolitical risks, making it a suitable replacement for traditional currencies.
  • High-profile launch events will be organized in major financial and tech hubs such as Silicon Valley, New York, London, UAE, Singapore, and Hong Kong to generate media attention and attract potential users and investors.

Worldwide Exchange Listings and Financial Integration - $6,500,000 - $8,500,000

  • Secure GAUGECASH's listing on major global crypto exchanges to enhance its visibility and accessibility as a mainstream currency option.
  • Work towards integrating GAUGECASH with key financial systems and platforms for seamless transactions, mirroring and exceeding the accessibility of fiat currencies.

Robust Infrastructure Enhancement - $3,500,000 - $5,000,000

  • Invest in developing a highly scalable and secure infrastructure that supports GAUGECASH's role as a global currency and free financial service.
  • Ensure the technology backbone is capable of handling transactions and storage at a scale comparable to fiat currency systems.

Empowering Community, Influencers, and Opinion Leaders to Promote GAUGECASH’s Use Cases. - $3,000,000 - $5,000,000 plus 100M incentives in GAUGEFIELD Utility Token (GAUI)

  • Cultivate a widespread, dynamic global community that champions the use of GAUGECASH. This initiative is dedicated to breaking through cultural and geographic boundaries, positioning GAUGECASH as a compelling alternative to traditional fiat currencies.
  • Launch worldwide educational initiatives to inform the public about the benefits of switching to GAUGECASH from fiat currencies.

Contingency and Growth Reserve for Market Dynamics - $3,000,000 - $5,000,000

  • Set aside funds to quickly address market shifts or capitalize on emerging opportunities that could accelerate GAUGECASH's adoption as a fiat currency alternative.
  • Strategic acquisitions of crypto exchanges, market makers firms, media, and tech companies, and transitions of balance sheets to Web3 as part of the GAUGECASH/GAUGEFIELD ecosystem.


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